Welcome to Rich's Retreat, a family owned caravan at Butlins, Minehead.

Growing up, my dad (Richard) worked seven days a week to make sure each and every year he could take our family to Butlins. All of my best childhood memories were made there, and it was always the best time of the year!

In early January 2019 we found our Sophie was pregnant with our first child, with my dad having passed away a year earlier. We therefore couldn't think of a better use of his inheritance money then to get our very own caravan at Butlins, to make some special memories of our own - hence "Rich's Retreat" was born. 

Given the crazy times we are living through, the holiday may not be the normal action packed break you are used to, but we are delighted to be able to offer "Rich's Retreat" in it's new role as a "Butlins Breakaway" and take some time out away from home to enjoy the quiet local beaches, along with just having an escape from it all.

Scott and Sophie x