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15/10/16 – Weekly Blog

Well, a new school year begins at Stage Stars and I could not have been more impressed by the incredible attitude our Children and Junior Groups have approached the three weeks of auditions with. It is never easy standing in front of us to sing by yourself, or perform, and we were incredibly proud of every single person who did.

It wasn’t an easy job, but we are delighted to have finally cast our two shows for May, and now we get the fun job of getting them ready for the stage. For those that don’t already know, the Children’s Group will be performing another Craig Hawkes production of “The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan” and our Junior Group present “Danny Hero”, only the second time the musical will ever have been performed.

The cast lists are now online and can be seen here: http://www.stagestars.net/shows/2017/

With casting done, we began the fun.


Our Childrens Group spend the week looking at “Live A Little”, the opening number to their show. With the dance choreographed by Rosie, everyone had a brilliant morning learning the routine, which gave them a lot of challenge for an opening number.

Our Junior Group on the other hand got the chance to look at a number a few in to their production, but one of the biggest production numbers in the show, “Weird”. With everyone taking on new parts it was a challenge to get the heavily choreographed number learnt. But they made an excellent start.

A great week all round!

Hi diddlee-dee, an actors life for us – 20/06/15

What a lovely session today!

During the Children’s Group we were very fortunate to be given a number of workshops led by some of our very talented student team. To start with we were treated to a session by James to do with using snippets of dialogue to create a piece of theatre – with some incredible results ranging from hilarious to outrageous. Next up, Rosina engage everyone in an improvised office excuses game using great mime skill development. After the break, Rosie then led a session on how to use props to symbolise other items – socks were hats, pens were combs and a table ornament turned in to a very noisy vacuum cleaner. Finally, Emily gave a lovely session on how to work around ‘showbiz mistakes’ without making it obvious – from things such as props not coming on, to characters being in the wrong place.

One of the best Children’s Group sessions in a long time, everyone had a really enjoyable morning.

For the Junior Group session, the group worked on one of the potential new shows for them – Armada. With its obvious links to Plymouth, the song they learnt was actually named after our famous city – “Plymouth Town Bay”. The group also looked at some of the meaty dialogue in the show, and finished off by working on a short routine.

What a great way to spend a day.

There’s no storm at Stage Stars – 13/06/15

Despite our lovely weather forecasters telling us that we were in for some terrible weather over the weekend, the sun was shining at Stage Stars today with some fantastic work from both groups.

Our Children’s Group started the day of fantastically looking at a song from one of their potential new shows. The song “Baghdad Bizarre” was really upbeat and all students did a great job.

The group then looked at some script work from the show, and the crazy narrator of the piece, Alakazam. We had some amazing accents going on, from Liverpudlian to French.

The group finished with the students learning a dance to popular musical Oliver, and the song “Pick and Pocket” with Jess. Handkerchiefs at the ready, although by the end of the routine most had been stolen.

In the Junior Group, the session this week focused on musical Matilda. A whole range of script work was looked at with students taking roles from Bruce, Miss Trunchbull to Matilda and her school mates.

For their song and dance, students worked on the fast tempo song “Bruce”, just after he begins getting his punishment for stealing his Head Mistresses cake.

A newsletter was also given out this week which is available on our website to download.

A really great session, well done to all, see you next week!

Lord Mayors Day – Congratulations

Well done to the incredibly talented students who took part in today’s Lord Mayors Day.


This was an amazing achievement for a huge number of reasons. Firstly, as we were only given 5 days notice on our invite. To turn round a single song in just an hour of rehearsal time, and asking our students and parents to make all the times is a big ask – but for 50 students to put on three different songs was just exceptional.

Secondly, was just the standard the students performed to. Considering how loud the volume was with the lack of mixing from the sound team, our young people really raised their game.

They were loud, smiled all the way through, and worked so hard. They really stood out as not just the professional and talented young people they are – but that they loved what they do, and were enjoying it (and for me, that’s what its all about).

They were so good in fact, that we were invited to do two other events in the coming months off the back of it.


Well done to everyone involved! Superb!

Summer School gets ‘greased up’ for 2015

Summer School 2015 has been announced and we are pleased to confirm we will this year be basing the week on the hugely popular “Grease” musical.

The Summer School will run from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August and from 10am to 4pm each day. The cost will remain at just £60 for the entire week.

Running in a similar style to previous years, more information and booking can now be done online. Please note we only have 50 places available and when they are gone, they are gone. Please visit www.wemakeitmagic.com to book.