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Well what an amazing first day…

Well what an amazing first day back. Lovely to see you all again!

Weekly Blog – 16/03/13

I appreciate the title of Weekly Blog may seem ironic to some as it has now been over a month since the last, but I assure you from now on things will become rather more orderly.  With all the costume, prop, website, and flyers to deal with, its been difficult for these to make the top of the priority list… and at some point I should also probably learn my lines!

Its been an amazing day at Stage Stars today, with some huge progression on both shows. We have had a brilliant run of Act 2 for Splash! with all our students knowing roughly what was going on by the time they finished. With some hard work, and everyone learning their lines, we are really going to have a great show for you.

The Junior Group also played a blinder in their run of the full show. With a very limited number of mistakes, the show went extremely well, and I think we have little to worry about over the next few weeks in the run up to Easter.

A few more bits of information:
Our first run of uniform has now been delivered and issued. Its looks AMAZING! If you would like to order uniform for your child please do so before April as we will be placing the next order then.

All our website for shows are now online. www.splashmusical.com, www.alittleprincessmusical.com and www.mrsleaf.com are all online and ready for you to have a look.

Please start getting those ticket orders in. Tickets can be ordered online at www.etikit.co.uk


Have a great week,
Scott :)


Weekly Blog – 19/01/13

Welcome to my first blog post from Stage Stars HQ to keep you up to date with all the goings on at Stage Stars. Today’s was a very interesting day for us as it is only the second time in 10 years that we have held a rehearsal somewhere other then Notre Dame. We were all a little panicked about how it would work out but I am pleased to say even the bitterly cold weather couldn’t put a damper on things, and it was amazing to welcome 8 new members! Wow! With another 5 due to join next week it takes us back to our maximum capacity again.


As we haven’t needed to mention it in a while I do at this point want to remind everyone that if the weather is bad, and we feel it is impossible to run our sessions we do have an emergency closure procedure. As soon as the decision is made I will post information on the closure on Facebook and Twitter, we will also inform the local radio stations. You will also receive a call from your child’s mentor on the contact number we have for you. If you are not currently following us on Twitter or username is “StageStars” and on Facebook we are “stagestarsuk”.


The Children’s Group today worked exceptionally hard on a new song we have added to the production as they are doing so well. The song, “Home Sweet Home” will be added to Stage Speak this evening for them to practice of they wish. They sang so sweetly and loudly a member of staff holding a meeting downstairs remarked to us at lunchtime how brilliant they were. We have now rehearsed over 50% of the show, and were able to run the opening scenes in full, Well Done!

Our Junior Group however had a mainly acting based session looking  at all the scenes from Act 1. Despite a notable absence that through some of the scenes out, the group worked extremely well and by the end of the session we were able to run a huge chunk of the first act. Again the new members in this group worked amazingly well and it was incredible how much they were able to pick up in 2 hours.


That’s all from me for this week, we have some important information coming out in the newsletter next week, but I wont ruin the surprise  See you all next week, back to our normal venues, Notre Dame.


Scott :)

Weekly Blog – 08/06/13

Well, what an exciting week that was, with lots of new songs and dances learnt ready for what is going to be an amazing celebration of our 10 Years.

This week, all the groups have been looking at the contributions they will be making to the 10 Years of Magic show, that Stage Stars will be performing in October this year to mark our 10th birthday. Its a very busy show, with 40 songs, ranging from solo numbers, just group numbers and even some massive, every single stageling numbers!

We started off with our Youth Group on Monday who learnt the dance routines and words to “Fame”, “Pray I make PA”, and “Get Your Head In The Game”. The youth group were absolutely amazing, and picked up some very difficult routines in just two hours!

Today we then started off with our fabulous children’s group who again had lots of songs to contend with. They quickly worked there way through “Down, Down, Down” and “I’m Late” from our 2009 production of Alice, and then went on to master both “Twenty Years” and “The Chase Chase” from our 2011 production of 2011 production of Wind In The Willows.

We finished the day, and our Stage Stars week, with the pretty awesome Junior’s who worked on two massive, show stopping numbers “Working Solid”, and the hugely popular “Consider Yourself”. Considering we would normally only attempt to learn one song a week during a normal run, they did incredibly well, and in the first week alone we have managed to cover 9 whole songs from what will be an amazing show.

In my coming blogs I will keep you up to date with all the coming and goings from Stage Stars HQ as we prepare to launch our 10th year, and more details about the show emerge, but for the time being I will leave you with this little indent for our 10 Years of Magic videos, enjoy…

We will shortly be asking for …

We will shortly be asking for your opinion on our top rated new name possibility. Remember there is no definite plan to change our name!