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PodCast – 01-02-14

Our latest PodCast is now available for you to view. Enjoy.

In this weeks episode we have:

1. Challenge Sophie
2. Make Scott Laugh
3. Weekly Quiz
4. Sophie’s Unbelievable Fact
5. Joe’s Diary
6. Would You Rather

PodCast – 25-01-14

Our first EVER weekly PodCast. This week we introduce the PodCast’s and the features that we plan to showcase each week. In this weeks episode we have:

1. Challenge Sophie
2. Weekly Quiz
3. Sophie’s Unbelievable Fact
4. Ask Us Anything
5. Make Scott Laugh
6. Joe’s Diary
7. Would You Rather

Let us know what you think :)

A-lad-in, Peeking

Well what an INCREDIBLE show you all put on last week!

We continue to get better and better as the years go on but this year’s pantomime really was something spectacular. As a lover of the Cinderella story I never though this would come close to last year’s production, especially as I don’t really like Aladdin as a story. How wrong was I!

Not only did everyone work so hard to put on this amazing show, but the enjoyment was something that really came across. In fact so many people told me that it was clear how much you all loved being there and working on the performance.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all over the last 3 months on the show, and I am so proud of everything we managed to achieve which was pretty much exclusively down to your hard work and dedication. In actual fact you managed to get the show ready in just 7 weeks, which it actually incredible when you think about it!
I have had so many comments I couldn’t possibly post them on here, but they all have a very common theme. It appears this is the best pantomime many of our audience had ever seen. At least 10 of them also commented it was far better than the large production at the Theatre Royal.

Thank you also to our hard working parents who make sure people attend all the rehearsals, as it’s so vitally important you are available for all show week, and without their continued support this wouldn’t happen.

Summing up, I would like to thank all our amazing team of staff who helped get this pantomime on stage, including Jess, Becky, Joe who helped with a huge amount of technical prep, Sophie who created a huge amount of fantastic costumes and definitely our best set ever. Also to Derek who ran the lighting for the production faultlessly (one lovely lady in the audience told me ‘the lighting just really set the perfect mood of the pantomime for me’) and Dawn who stage managed the whole show and dealt with backdrops which ‘made me feel like I was actually in the place. Also Simon, who took over last minute to run sound and helped make it, as many commented, ‘the best sounding show ever’.

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2014 to continue our 10 Years of Magic celebration.

‘Collapsed Saturday’

Stage Stars are very pleased to announce, after a large amount of planning, that this weekend we will host our first ever ‘collapsed Saturday’ where our normal timetable is completely dropped.

The day will see student attend as many or as few sessions as they wish, all covering a huge variety of techniques for theatre, run by our dedicated team of staff.

Sessions will last for 45 minutes and cover everything from Dance to Acting, Accents to Stage Fighting, Harmony to Physical Theatre, and Monologues to Audition Technique.

Commenting on the event, Scott Wieprecht, founder commented “giving our young people the best possibly experience and variety is crucial to everything we do here. We aren’t just about putting on show, although this features highly on our Agenda, its also about giving our students chance to develop and learn new skills, and work in a truly integrated team, with people of all aged”.

Members can arrive from 10.30am to begin signing up for workshops, and they will have the ability to attend 6 sessions throughout the day. There is no additional cost for the day, and its all about trying new things.

The workshop list can be downloaded at: http://www.stage-stars.co.uk/downloads/other/stagestarsworkshopday.pdf

Pride of Plymouth

Tonight, Sophie, Joe, Jess and myself had the absolute pleasure of being able to represent Stage Stars at the Pride of Plymouth awards.

We found out the week before our 10th anniversary show that we had been nominated by a number of our students, and then on the date of the show itself, Saturday 19th October, we had the absolute pleasure of finding out that we had been short listed in our category. This meant we had the very exclusive invite to attend the awards ceremony itself – and what a great night it was.

The evening started with us taking our seats in a lovely ballroom with a free champagne and some bread – I know bread isn’t posh, but again I reiterate, it was free! We were sat next to come other nominees from other categories, and the lovely Sarah Barrow, Team GB Olympic diver. She was extremely friendly, and even humoured Joe and his terrible jokes – even though she admitted she knew they weren’t funny!

We had a lovely meal and by the time we got to the awards I think we would have probably been to full to stand up anyway. Although we weren’t the over all winner in our category we did get a special commended award, which we gratefully accepted on behalf of all our amazing Stagelings.

All through the evening, it was stressed that everyone there was a winner, and all did incredible things in the city. That wasn’t down to us, that wasn’t down to our shows, that was down to all our incredible members, and every single one of you has been recognised in this award.

Thank you for your continued support, the nominations, and for generally being so amazing!